Srinagar: The Kashmir Economic Alliance Chairman Muhammad Yasin Khan on Wednesday expressed serious concern over the highway blockade.

In a statement, Khan who also heads the Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation said: “For the last over a week, no goods including essential commodities have reached Kashmir as a result of which Kashmir is craving for life.”

“While the highway remained blocked for many days due to faulty widening, which the government has failed to check, the two day ban has only compounded the public woes,” Khan said,

He said it was unfortunate that despite the appeals made to the Chief Secretary, the government is unwilling to bring accountability in the ongoing highway widening.

“Not bad weather alone but more of improper widening has become a cause of the frequent blockades but government is silent on the issue was if the crises in Kashmir is not supposed to be a concern,” said Khan.

He said the highway mess has affected the marriage season and also the tourism.

“Even no mutton and eggs are available. What will the people cook at weddings even if the celebrations have to be genuinely void of any extravagance?” he asked.

He said the highway blockade had also affected the businesses, including tourism.

“At the start of new season the traders are unable to fetch stocks while tourism is equally affected due to this,” he said.

He said most of the livestock and perishable items rot due to highway blockade and that the traders were suffering huge economic losses.

Khan appealed to Governor SP Malik to personally look into the matter and take Kashmir out of highway crises.


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