Lok Janshakti Party welcomes statement by PM MODI categorically rejected any scope of meditation in between India & Pakistan & appeals all political parties not to play politics on Jammu and Kashmir.

Jammu, Aug 28, 2019: National Secretary Youth Deepu Singh Ranotra Lok Janshakti Party appeals all political parties not to play politics on Jammu & Kashmir.

He added that we should welcome the statement of hon’ble Prime minister of India given on Monday with president of US ‘Trump’ and categorically rejected any scope for third party mediation between India and Pakistan on Kashmir. This statement by our Prime Minister really raised the moral of the people of the country, security forces and other agencies.

National Secretary Youth also urges all political parties and leaders not to create a menace in work of Government of India and state administration. He said that Kashmir is our internal problem and we the people of Jammu Kashmir Union territory are true Indians.

He also added that every citizen of Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir should support the decision taken by our Home Minister Sh Amit Shah under the leadership of prime Minister Of India Sh Narander Modi, we have to join hands to strengthen their hands to deal with our enemy Pakistan and his supporter China in the liberation of the Jammu Kashmir illegally occupied parts by Pakistan, POK, Gligit and Blochistan.

On other hand Deepu Singh Ranotra also welcomed the tweet by Congress president Rahul Gandhi in which he mentioned that Kashmir is an integral part of India and no room for Pakistan or any other country to interfere in it.

On other hand he tears a strip off on Sheila Rashid & Shah Feaseal on their anti Indian statements. He also demands immediate arrest of Sheila Rashid. He also added that she is the one who can tweet or gives any statement to mark her in a limelight, such persons or anti Indian mindsets should be thrown out of our country.   


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